Thomas Tesla Triforce Lamp Stephen Reardon

The Story

This project started as a gift for an excellent friend of mine, who happens to have a Triforce tattoo. It started at home on my meager workbench with what tools I have. At a certain point in the project, I decided to make this lamp with the highest level of professionalism that I am capable. This led me to the local Rochester Makerspace in search of a wood-shop…and a table saw.

After months of hard work and dedication, my vision started to become realized, drawing the attention of fellow makers along the way. I received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to market the product. Thank you Mike Doolin.


The Triforce Lamp is made of stained wood with acrylic windows.

Each of the three windows can display ANY color, including white. Each color can also range in brightness.

Hidden within the body of the lamp is a circuit board with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing users to dynamically change the color of the lamp to suit their mood.


Project Status

With the help of Nick Gulisano, I designed the wooden body and custom electronics to create this piece. We produced 9 lamps by hand and sold the majority.

I’m still working on developing the smart phone app, and may eventually outsource it for a more professional result.

I also need to redesign the electronics around newer Bluetooth technology.

I am hopeful that I will refine the product and production process further before the next batch is built.

So please share this with any friends, family, or even enemies that are fond of the Legend of Zelda games, or just triangles in general.

Thank you,

Mike Thomas



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