Step 1: Prepare the Wires

How To: Splice 2 Wires Together

Cut away any damage in the wires. Then, using wire strippers, strip about 1 inch of insulation off each wire.

Before continuing, make sure to slide appropriately sized heat shrink tubing over 1 side of each wire being repaired. You want to use enough heat shrink tubing to completely cover the copper that has been exposed. This prevents electrical shorts.

Step 2: Join the wires

How To: Splice 2 Wires Together

Twist the exposed wires around its mate.

Notice the heat shrink tubing. It is about twice the length of the twisted copper pairs.

Step 3: Solder the Wire Joints

How To: Splice 2 Wires Together

Using a soldering iron, cover each wire joint completely with solder. As the copper wire heats up, the solder will be sucked into the strands of the wire, creating a physically solid and electrically stable connection.

Let the soldered wire joints cool before continuing.

Step 4: Shrink the Heatshrink

How To: Splice 2 Wires Together

When the solder is cool, slide the heat shrink tubing over the solder joints. With a match, lighter, or heat gun, apply heat to the heat shrink tubing. It will, as its name implies, shrink and become snug around the wire. This creates a non-conductive barrier around the exposed solder joints. In the repair pictured above, I applied another larger piece of heat shrink tubing around the two joints to make the cable singular again, and without a split.


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