After seeing the Plasma Scepter I built for my Nicola Tesla costume, my friend and professional entertainer Joe Showers asked if I could build him a custom juggling prop he had designed. From his crudely drawn stick figure drawing, and prototype built with fishnets, we created the Jugglenado 3000. Joe balances the pole on his forehead, while shooting ping pong balls out of his mouth, and catches them in the nets. As requested, the NeoPixel LEDs bordering each net reacts when the ping pong balls fall in. When all 3 nets are sunk, the lights activate the victory sequence, giving the audience a flashy rainbow light show. This prop contains a 2200mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, 60 NeoPixel LEDs from Adafruit, and breaks down into 5 pieces for easier travel.

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